Faeri Sami

- Live2D Artist / Rigger, Debut Romance Author, Fae Royalty Vtuber and Twitch Streamer -

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Commission Status:

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Terms of Service

  • All prices are in British Pound (£). All payments will be handled through Paypal Invoices and already include a commercial usage fee.

  • For projects totalling over £1.000 (one thousand pound sterling), a payment plan can be offered.

  • Full refunds are not available. If requested, the amount refunded will be proportionate to the amount of work not yet done.

  • By taking a commission with me you confirm you are of legal age and will not issue a chargeback for any reason.

  • I do not work with waitlists.

  • Slots are not first come, first served.

  • I reserve the right to decline any request, be it for artistic incompatibility, lack of slots, or any other reason.

  • A +30% fee over the total price will be charged for rush orders.

  • Similarly, a +30% fee over the base price will be charged for secrecy (I will not post any WIPs on social media or stream the creation process).

  • You must credit me accordingly in an easily accessible place (bio and/or about page depending on what SNS you use).

  • I do not allow any of my work to be used for NFTs and/or cryptocurrency of any kind, in any circumstance.

  • I do not allow any of my work to be majorly modified without previous discussion. Any edits within the tracking software (eg. colour changes, item placement, light overlays, etc.) is fine, but anything else should be discussed with me first.


  • Turnaround time for Rig Only is 2 - 3 weeks; for Art and Rig, 4 - 6 weeks.

  • All requests should be placed on the Google Form linked in this website's Homepage. The link will become available by the end of the countdown placed there when I open new slots, and will remain available for a week.

  • Please have any and all references/model sheets/PNGs and contact information ready to be sent with your request.

  • Although I can be flexible, my art and rigging style are more cutesy/flowy/elegant, so that's the type of request I will most likely pick from the applications. NSFW requests are absolutely ok, but all references must be stylized drawings (aka don't drop a dick pic on me, please).

  • By the end of the week, I will contact selected clients through email within a few days.

  • A final quote will be discussed and agreed upon.

  • For Rig Only projects, I will request your PSD file. It must be well separated and ready for rigging. Improper cutting of the model may incur a correction fee of +2% to +30% over the total price, depending on how complex the adjustments are.

  • I will send a Paypal invoice to the client. Work will only begin after the first payment is received through the invoice.

  • I will keep the client updated on the progress weekly with videos and/or photos sent through email. Faster updates may be given through Discord/Twitter DMs if the client wishes.

  • The client is entitled to 2 revisions per stage.

  • The client will receive a .zip with the finished run time file for your model, ready to be imported and used in a tracking software. For Art + Rig, the client will also receive the Photoshop file of the model's art.

  • Any small adjustments to the rig and tracking will be made with the client, with my assistance, after delivery.

  • Any additional outfits or enhancements to the finished model can be discussed at a later date. I try to prioritize past clients but please be aware I may not always be able to fit your request into my schedule.


The following are subject to change, and are only meant as a guideline. Last updated 01/01/2023.

Art and Rig

Half Body:
£ 1.900,00

Full Body:
£ 2.500,00


Character Design£50 - £200+
Asymmetry£50 - £700+
Additional Outfit/Hairstyle£100 - £600+
Animal Body Parts£60+
NSFW Body Parts£40 - 110+
On/Off Toggle£20
Sticker Toggle£40
Animated Toggle£60+
Playable Animation£30-200+
Tongue Out£50

Rig Only

Half Body:
£ 1.200,00

Full Body:
£ 1.900,00


Improper Cutting£10 - £150+
Asymmetry£30 - £400+
Additional Outfit/Hairstyle£70 - £350+
Animal Body Parts£40+
NSFW Body Parts£30 - 100+
On/Off Toggle£20
Sticker Toggle£30
Animated Toggle£40+
Playable Animation£30-200+
Tongue Out£40

Vbridger Enhancement

Vbridger is a plugin for Vtube Studio that allows all of Apple's 32 ARKit blendshapes to be used by a 2D model.
I recommend ifacialmocap (App Store) to be used for facial tracking for Vbridger.

Vbridger Enhancement
£ 250


Tongue Out£150 (please don't)